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Maintenance & Mechanical Services

Taking care of your car, doing periodical maintenance whenever necessary and fixing small repairs will increase the life of your vehicle.

The engine is the heart of the car and at Automotive Masters, we take pride in our highly skilled technicians and mechanics with a certified experience in diagnosing and servicing this heart of your vehicle and we guarantee an expertise advice in the same from our experts.

Maintenance and Mechanical Service includes;

  • Suspension Service
  • Radiator Services
  • Engine Cooling System
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Replacement of engine oil and oil filter
  • Changing the engine air filter
  • Changing of spark plugs
  • Replacement of accessory belts
  • Inspection/repair/replacement of the throttle system and battery
  • Replacement of Steering Stabilizers
  • Replacement on lower/Upper Arms
  • Replacement of drive shafts
  • Steering Rods
  • Stabilizer links
  • Shock observer mounts
  • Engine mounts
  • Gear mounts
  • Bearing Shafts

ENGINE Refurbishment

  • Engine Crankshaft
  • Engine Crankshaft Bearings
  • Engine Crankshaft Trust Washer
  • Engine Connecting Rods
  • Engine Connecting Rod Bearings
  • Engine Pistons
  • Engine Piston Rings
  • Engine Cylinder Heads
  • Engine Camshaft
  • Engine Camshaft Adjuster or Sprockets
  • Engine Timing Chain (1 timing chain for the in-line or V engine (Audi, VW, and Porsche), 2 or 3 timing chain for the V engines.)
  • Engine Cylinder Heads
  • Engine Tappets
  • Engine Rocker Arms
  • Engine Valves
  • Engine Intake Exhaust
  • Engine Valve Springs
  • Engine Valve Springs Returner
  • Engine Chain Adjuster
  • Engine Oil Pump
  • Engine Oil Pump Chain

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